Healthcare Team

Community Midwife

The midwife now runs a “First Point of Contact” clinic each week. This clinic is held each Monday and is by appointment only. You can now book into this clinic as soon as you know you are pregnant and the midwife will arrange all your antenatal care.

In addition she holds a booking clinic and an antenatal clinic at the centre. She also visits mothers and babies at home after the birth.

District Nurses

The district nursing team is based at Constable Street Clinic. Their duties include providing general nursing care, visiting many people at home. Each patients needs are assessed and their care/treatment is planned accordingly. They are available for dressings, suture removals etc. Please telephone 0161 223 4193 for further details.

Health Visitor

The health visitor no longer holds a clinic at the centre. If you need to see a health visitor details of the local clinics can be obtained from reception, or alternatively ring 0161 225 9274 and ask for the health visiting team.


The physiotherapist can help you to recover from neck, back and limb injuries. They can also help if you have a physical disability or have had a stroke.

Clinical Psychologist

The clinical psychologist is able to help you if you have a serious psychological problem such as depression, grief, anxiety or a phobia. Your doctor will arrange a referral if necessary.

Community Alcohol Team

The link worker is available to offer help and advice for any patients with alcohol problems. She can also offer advice and support to people affected by someone else’s drinking. For an appointment please ask at the reception desk for an appointment with the link worker. Alternatively you can arrange this through your GP.

Counselling Service

Counselling is an opportunity to be really listened to in a safe and confidential relationship. You will be given time to discuss how you feel about what has happened and is happening in your life. This can help you make sense of difficult thoughts and feelings. It can also help you to explore ways of bringing about change in your life. Appointments can be made through your GP.


A chiropody service is available at a number of local clinics. You can self-refer or, alternatively appointments can be arranged through your doctor. Please enquire at reception for further details.